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Martina Post

Network Partner

Joy of exploration. Being out and about. Traveling to places I’ve never been to before, meeting people and discovering new cultures. Spending time at awesome locations and observing what is happening around me. Or simply gazing into the distance. That inspires me and grounds me all at once.

Three questions for Martina Post

What Samba has taught me?
How important the individual instruments in a band are and what difference playing together well makes. Solos can be wonderful things. But it becomes even more multifaceted when a diversity of instruments create music together. Staying centered, reflecting on yourself, and at the same time listening to and connecting with each other. An interplay of I and we.

In my previous life, I was ...
...Carioca. That would at least explain why Brazilian music makes me so happy.

The page is empty – what now?
I go and get paints and materials and create something. Full of color.

What others say about Martina Post

“Martina is a shining lighthouse for self-responsibility, freedom of choice, and incredibly creative interventions” – Peter Rathsmann

“Samba from Cologne – any other questions?” – Carsten Waider

More about Martina Post

German, English

Experiential and in-process workshops on team and leadership development, consulting and workshops in the area of health preservation and personality development, coaching of employees in leadership and non-leadership roles

  • Graduate in Social Pedagogy from the University of Applied Sciences Cologne
Further Education
  • Organization Designer at intrinsify
  • Holistic Health Consultant (Healthy Living Academy and Frankfurt Chamber of Commerce and Trade)
  • Licensed for MBTI and Reiss Profile, 9 Levels
  • Certified Systemic Coach (Academy for Systemic Coaching, Cologne)
Professional Career
  • Since 2018 Consultant on Organizational Cooperation matters
  • In 2016 Occupational Social Consultant at Ge.on Occupational Health Management / ias Group
  • Since 2009 Systemic Coach
  • Since 2006 Consultant and Trainer at P1
  • Since 2003 freelance work in the areas of team, leadership and personality development
  • From 2002 to 2003 Head of the youth center “Treibhaus” in Cologne