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Team Development

Start with WE!

Hardly any other structure is better able to deal with the complexity and the resulting necessity for decision-making in sustainable organizations better than teams – teams are the ideal source of success, innovation and belonging. However, in the absence of key elements of goal-oriented cooperation, no matter how well trained individual players may be, they cannot replace team success.

The “WE” in teams has changed: shorter time spent in teams, multi-teaming, remote working, peer working, individualization, all these elements increase the pressure on the success of collaboration. Nothing has changed – quite the opposite, the need has increased for a stable foundation of trust and the ability to deal with conflicts and find solutions.

Join us for your first exploratory analysis. How is your team – your WE – doing?

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“Henning Keber and Paolina Virga from Process One (today P1) designed and led an innovative virtual concept for our team offsite.

This has enabled us to take a big step forward in team development at the same time work through many specialized topics. 

Through innovation and flexibility, they have proven that coaching and team development also work in a virtual environment.”

Marcel Halberg, Groupleader, DZ Bank AG

What the kick-off to your team development could look like  

Insight into your team – The Team Culture Wheel

We developed the Team Culture Wheel as an instrument to diagnose teams and the “state” they are in on the basis of the twelve team enhancers developed by Dave Francis und Don Young.

From Francis and Young’s perspective, these team emhancers define the team culture. And the higher the level that these parameters are reflected in the team, the more successful the team is.

In many of the team development programs that we run, we use the Team Culture Wheel as a kick-off to find out where the teams stand on the topic at hand. The team members rate their satisfaction with the dimensions on a scale of 1 (not happy at all) to 10 (complete satisfaction).

The results, and in particualr the different persepctives of the various team members, provide a good starting point for further dialog and interventions.

Try it out and create your Team Culture Wheel. We would be more than happy to discuss your results with you – all you need to do is contact us.

Team development and team leadership – two coins of the same side

When we look at teams, their development and leadership go hand in hand. Over the longer term, one can not work without the other. This is why the link to leadership is never far away.