As-Is Assessment

Agile Organization / As-Is Assessment

Where are you at the moment on your way to Next Organization? What do you already have? What do you still need? Where should you start?

Our As-Is Assessment tool is based on the characteristics of transformative and high-performance organizations in complex environments that our colleague Dr. Reinhard Schmitt described in his experience report: 

Leadership 4.0 Structuring collaboration in complex environments.


A journey always starts with preparation. Even if we do not quite know what the destination is, we should have an idea of what direction we want to travel in and what we want to take with us, and probably also what we should leave behind.

For this first step, we have two options for you:

Option 1: Fitness Check

We carry out an As-Is Assessment with you and your team on the characteristics of transformative and high-performance organizations and jointly determine with you the areas for development.

Fitness Check Workshop

The topics covered in the Fitness Check for a complex future include:

  • A closer look at your organizational environment
  • As-Is Assessment on “high-performance organizational culture”
  • Presentation of the New Work Mindset and New Work Box
  • Identify areas for development and determine initial developmental steps

Option 2: Do it yourself! 

We provide you and your team with an online link to the do it yourself position finding check. We will be happy to support the analysis with a short, free telephone consultation.

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