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Next Organization needs expertise!

We bring you up to speed on agile and innovative methods of collaboration and organization!


Next Organization Essentials
  • Form a vivid picture of the sources, needs, principles and methods with your team.
  • First do and then talk about it. Build your own organization in an experiential situation – our bestseller!
Anchors away!
  • Learn self-organization through agile methods on a ship – doesn’t get any better than this.

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Next Organization needs expertise!

Leadership of the future will have to make do with less hierarchy, but substantive leadership, process steering and continual adaptation of the organization to the requirements will be re-organized.

In the new organizationality concept, leaders will become more like organizational developers. This means that leadership will be defined more through work performed on the system and less on work in the system. That’s why all of our development formats combine aspects of training and organizational development:

  • Leading into the Next Organiszation: New Work Leader (the well-rounded format for leadership of tomorrow) - P1 recommended!
  • Next Organization Ramp Up for Leaders - the intensive format!
  • Leadership Skills for Scrum Masters - the role-specific format
  • New Ways 2 Work - the virtual format
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