Agile Organization / Mindset
“Our mindset represents the assumptions we make when we view the world. We seldom consciously reflect on them or even examine them (mind? set?). As the most important factor to help us find our way in life, our mindset influences the way we think and act. If we want to think and act differently, we need to re-examine our assumptions about the world.”
Dirk Gouder

“Mindsets” can have an important influence on our short and long-term personal development and determine the outcomes.

“Our mindset influences our health, happiness and even our longevity.” (K. McGonigal, 2015)

In order to devise and practice new forms of collaboration, we also need a supportive attitude and, in the broadest sense, a “growth mindset.”

Our current attitude (mindset = mind set!) is based on old programs (socialization, experiences, culture...). In order to develop organizationality, something practically no-one has any experience of, it is crucial to allow myself to question my, and collective, assumptions.

We look forward to performing the first mindset test with you and your team.


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