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What Is Good leadership? It’s As Unique As You

Leadership Development For The Real World

With good leadership each company knows that different pressures require specific and adaptive responses. Each industry has its own dynamics, strategy and corporate conditions that determine what goals are to be achieved. And, ultimately, these specific circumstances define what is required of management and leaders to be successful. That’s why we develop leadership development programs that give you essential real-world leadership and organization skills.

The focus: in-depth leadership expertise, executive education, and hands-on familiarity with the most important leadership tools that focus on the specific requirements for any challenge.

Take our Prototype Workshop to discover what a leadership development program tailored to your company will look like. Each participant will then know on which organizational and leadership skills they have to work on.

Prototype Workshop

Remote leading

A Leadership Development Compact Workshop

Remote leadership must execute and achieve the same business objectives as face-to-face management – regardless of varying work conditions or strategy, such as: 

  • What could the fears of your employees be?
  • How can you as an executive maintain effective communication with your team members?
  • How can you give your employees a sense of security despite the distance? 

Our Remote Leading development program identifies the key functions of leadership for executives. Providing executive orientation; ensuring communication flow within the organization; creating proximity; and ensuring exceptional performance.

Leverage our expertise - for you and your company to ensure the success of all your current leaders, now and in the future.

The Leader’s Circle

Solving Organizational Challenges Together

As a participant of our Power Format and leadership development program The Leader’s Circle, you experience first-hand the power of our methods and tools, such as peer-to-peer consulting and virtual coaching, that empower you to develop actionable skillsets for the challenges faced by each individual leader.

For example, our peer-to-peer coaching method enables the participants, all leaders in their field, to support and encourage each other; and to share their experiences of management and organization in their own companies. This powerful collaborative training helps the participants to actively develop their leadership skills and gain insight from their shared leadership experiences. But it’s so much more than that, your company and your employees will feel the trickle-down benefits of this program both immediately and in the long term.

Systematic Leadership Development

From Bitesize To Masterclass, Everything Is Possible

We continually create, innovate and refine courses for effective personnel and leadership development, from individual workshops to multi-module leadership development programs.

So, when you want:

  • Effective and conscious leadership.
  • On-the-job training: practice-oriented and immediately applicable content.
  • Faster reactions to changing markets.
  • Tools and mindset for agile leadership and new work.
  • Sustainable and desirable personal development for your employees.
  • Mindfulness and focus in leadership.

Our mission is to support you in your leadership development and help you to achieve all your goals; to develop your own strengths, your social skills, your organizational and communication skills and to leverage your motivation as an executive - not just in theory but also in practice.

We look forward to talking to you! 

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Leadership Check-Up

Where Do I Stand As Leader?


Before joining our leadership training programs each participant assesses their status as a leader to maximize positive outcomes.

We believe leadership development shows its true effectiveness when:

  1. It aligns with the strategic orientation of the company.
  2. Delivers concrete tools for day-to-day leadership and for dealing with the leadership processes established in the company.
  3. Heightens awareness of the necessity, impact and limitations of leadership.

“As a leader, I am required to deliver answers at all three levels of leadership development. To do so, I need methods and my own strategy that will enable me to enhance my personal effectiveness.”

Sustainable Leadership Development

The Entire Bandwidth

  • How is your company doing in the market right now?
  • Is your business strategy changing or is it stable?
  • What steps in the development of your culture will ensure commercial success in the future?
  • How do you recognize and enhance good leadership in your company?


  • Does good leadership pay off for the leaders in your company?
  • Which phase of business development is your company in and what do your leaders need to be able to do?

Depending on the business situation and leadership level, specific demands are placed on personnel development and management of individuals.

What is the right measure, training program, concept and working strategy for you and your employees? We uncover your individual definition and develop a coherent targeted approach.


“Excellent expert input… of great benefit in day-to-day business…, very personable and supportive atmosphere…, fantastic trainer.”

Catherine Boisserée
Head of Human Resources, Deutsche Reihenhaus AG
on the feedback received from her managers.

“We enjoy a very frank and open dialog on a wide range of topics and generate excellent ideas together. The feedback we receive from our employees and managers about the development programs is always very positive. Whether in German or English, in person or virtually, our colleagues are very enthusiastic and are able to integrate the inspirational input they receive into their working lives.”

Katharina Gödde
Head of HR Education & Development Schmitz, Cargobull

Here are a few of the clients whose leadership development we have supported in recent years. 

Alleviating The
Loneliness Of Leaders

Leadership Development Coaching 

An important part of our leadership development program is coaching to systematically create space for internal communication that does not already exist within companies.

Personal, one-on-one coaching has become an increasingly indispensable part of leadership development. Coaching draws on a range of methods to create a climate of trust to address a number of personal and important issues for the participants, such as:

  • How effective am I in my leadership role?
  • Reflection on, and honing of, personal development goals.
  • Optimization of my communication system.
  • Reduction of my stress level and maintenance of long-term levels of performance.
  • Interaction with key stakeholders.
  • Identification and tackling of leadership dilemmas.

What is your focus? What is your goal? What is the course of action that will take you further? As feedback providers, sparring partners and resource-focused traveling companions, we are by your side in leadership development and support you in developing yourself and achieving your personal goals through high-impact executive education. 
Become an effective leader.

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Our leadership training programs are flexible, and we will find the perfect individual strategy for you to develop your personal leadership potential.

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