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Forging your own path to organizational development

Organizations face challenges every day, and over and over again. They are expected to be efficient, effective but also adaptable, responsive, and innovative. To enable this to happen, organizations need to be developed. But, in reality, who or what, are the organizations” anyway?

The people?
The co-workers?
The teams?
The departments?
The cultures?
The strategies?
The WHYs?

ANSWER: It’s all the above and more.

All this needs to be changed and developed in order to stay fit for the future. We go deep into the changes and processes required.  

Best practices? How do others do it? Is there a strategy for doing it best? 2020 made it drastically clear to us that there is no silver bullet, no master plan, no blueprint for successful organizational transformation.

To win at change management, you need to forge your own path… Let us help, we are the experts in making that happen.

Organizational Development aka OD

What Is It About?

Happy employees and maximum productivity and efficiency every single day – in one organization? It is possible.

The solution is called organizational development (OD). We ourselves are practitioners of OD and can show you how to implement this innovation at your workplace.

OD is a holistic approach to organizational improvement focusing on the following factors: structure, employees, strategy, performance measures, management processes, and employee rewards. As an applied field of behavioral science, several areas are important in OD, including psychology, culture, change management and organizational behavior.

How can OD maximize effectiveness?

OD is used as a continuous and long-range process to increase effectiveness and performance in organizations as well as to break down old structures by using participative methods. P1 helps you to test and optimize organizational behavior and approaches of employees and managers – for personal and organizational growth.

Together we aim to introduce new development models that enable you and your employees to come together better as an organization. This makes it easier to adapt to external conditions and enables your organization to grow in the face of industrial, technological, and market-specific challenges. Let OD work for you!

What's the difference between Human Resources and OD?

Some OD activities are tightly linked to HR and talent management. HR initiatives, however, relate only to staff practices. OD interventions, on the other hand, go further and take advantage of many opportunities to improve the organization as a whole.

OD, unlike HR, is a whole-company activity. There is a global strategy being pursued, while HR is targeted and operational. Nevertheless, in some organizations, OD functions may still report to the HR department.

Organizational development?

So, You Want To...

  • Discover your purpose and your WHY.
  • Foster strategic thinking and decision making in your organizational management.
  • Introduce effective and sustainable change management.
  • Create space and energy to develop your culture.
  • Reach the next level of development with your team.
  • Create a workplace full of creativity, well-being, and effectiveness.

We work side-by-side with you to shape the completely individual process of your company, your organization and to initiate the change by OD interventions that lead to your goal.

Contact and advice

What will it look like?

A lot of the OD initiatives are intertwined. The practitioners at P1 ensure that your organization achieves your fixed objectives by using all available strategies.

Examples of OD Initiatives:

1. Block

  • Human Process
  • Intervention
  • Team building strategy
  • Personal & group intervention
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Third-party intervention
  • Coaching & consulting

2. Block

  • Intervention
  • Reengineering
  • Organizational mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • Flexible work design
  • Downsizing

3. Block

  • Strategic Interventions
  • Organizational transformation
  • Development of leadership
  • Change of corporate culture
  • Individual change management


4. Block

  • Human Resource Management
  • Performance & talent management
  • Employee engagement & wellness
  • Diversity awareness
  • Career development & onboarding

You would like to develop your team?

You would like to initiate a change project?

You would like to start developing your purpose?

OD: The five phases to Organizational Development

We examine the problem in your organization and create a plan with expectations, goals, and a strategy.

The fact-finding phase is conducted between the consultants and organizational stakeholders. We look for facts that support the concerns, analyze them, and challenge them.

Feedback round:
For a common understanding we review our findings with you and develop goals for change based on these results.

Work with the solution:
During the implementation of the change, we take care of occurring problems and perceive undiscovered possibilities. The organizational training phase begins.

Surveys within the organization help to find out if the OD intervention was successful. The survey results with a final recommendation are handed out for further improvement.

Our own organizational development

P1 - Our Purpose

“As consultants & advisors, we help our clients achieve their best, to be vibrant and transformative. 

We empower people and organizations to rethink and effectively deliver leadership and collaboration. 

To this end, we create space for change, enable innovation you can touch and explore unconventional avenues.”

Experiential Consulting

Bringing Organizational Development To Life

We get you and your organization moving. To increase the effectiveness of your organizational development, we inseparably link our experiential consulting approach and with your real world needs and practices into the consulting process.

When developing organizations, we take a collaborative and iterative approach to structuring the transfer of the goals you defined during the consulting process into the work-reality of your organization or company. How do we do this?

In our organizational development projects, we deploy a range of methods that are designed to identify and uncover underlying beliefs and patterns within the organization. For organizational development to be a success, the process of change requires a lot to be re-imagining. Our methods include simulations and learning journeys.


The job of an OD practitioner covers a wide spectrum. He or she consults with the entire organization, providing advice on everything from strategic approaches to change to gathering and analyzing necessary data and evaluating and applying it to find solutions.

Internal company problems are uncovered and approached at the source. Based on this, new principles and values of the organization can be established, which are developed and implemented together with the practitioner. The goal of the OD practitioners at P1 is to increase performance and effectiveness, which is brought about through various methods.

OD is an effective strategy to increase the competitiveness of an organization through time-honored methods. Your organization becomes a market leader thanks to smooth internal processes, open communication, and further development. P1 takes you forward with confidence.

Organizational development also deals with internal changes and improvements of processes and structures in the HR department. It involves collaborative review and analysis in responsibilities of the Human Resource unit. This concerns processes and systems related to performance management, talent management, diversity and employee well-being.

  • Establishment or modification of organizational structures.
  • Recruitment and management of members.
  • Establishing and maintaining a board of management.
  • Establishing committees and working groups within the organization.
  • Creating work plans, schedules, and assignments for staff members.
  • Setting long- and short-term goals.

Because HR and OD are often mistaken for each other, organizational development is commonly attributed to the area of Human Resources. Who is responsible for it depends on the actions taken. It can be the HR team as well as the team for quality assurance. OD is a great effort and challenge for many companies. That's the reason why we are at your side as experienced consultants and develop an individual plan for the organizational development of your organization.

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