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Providing space for leadership

The more diverse and interlaced the demands on your role as a leader are, the greater the need for reflection about what you do and the decisions you make. The goal is to safeguard your personal effectiveness in the leadership arena – self-leadership, leadership relationships and entrepreneurial leadership – over the long term.

Successfully leading and developing employees and teams

What is the key to good teamwork? A good leader! But good leadership does not (unfortunately) begin and end with leading individual employees. Successfully leading a team means repeatedly questioning every step and constantly re-evaluating the goal. That is why you as a leader should regularly ask yourself the following questions about your employees and team members:

  • How is my team doing and what is the mood within the group like?
  • Is there anything getting in the way of more effective teamwork and the success of the team members?
  • What factors are impacting on the team and which of these should I and my team jointly take to task?
  • Is there anything that is blocking communication in the team and hence our shared goal?
  • How well am I as a manager, as well as all other team members, able to reconcile expectations?
  • How can goals be set whilst simultaneously improving collaboration?
  • Does my leadership style resonate in my team or am I heading down the wrong path?

Alleviating the loneliness of leadership

Does the leadership role cause loneliness?

In a way, this is the case – as a leader, I navigate a terrain of very disparate demands. There is hardly ever time to gain a systematic overview, to categorize and re-prioritize. And then there is the problem that there are certain issues I simply cannot address with my colleagues. Leadership coaching helps you address this and ensures that all relevant issues are brought to the table.

Contact and advice

Sparring partner, provocateur, motivator, travel companion

We see our role primarily as travel companions. It is always a good idea to rise above the clouds with our clients to gain a broader, fuller picture of the issues. Click to take a look at our colleagues.


Do you know your strengths?

Set off on your Expedition Personal Strengths to discover what you can do best and what you like doing the most!

Have you ever taken a long hard look at yourself – what you are passionate about, what your strengths are and what is just not you? At the Expedition Camp (virtual or Blended Coaching) we guide you on your fascinating journey of self-discovery. The expedition guides and coaches of your choice help you re-discover yourself and your strengths. The goal of your journey of exploration and self-analysis is for you to achieve clarity about your core competences and, with the aid of your personal strengths profile, to unleash your full potential – both professionally and in your private life.

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The Leadership Navigator

Our coaching format for leadership talent with a balance of hands-on leadership knowledge and coaching.

Master the transition to leadership quickly and successfully. In four coaching sessions we prepare you for the change of role. From changed expectations, new communication systems and the acceptance of the new role by employees and of course yourself – the P1 Leadership Navigator supports you in achieving the confidence necessary for your new leadership role.

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