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Agile Organization / As-Is Assessment / Fitness Check

3 hours

Management, management teams, leadership teams, departments, project teams

Format: New Work digital/analog


3-hour compact workshop

Who for

Management, management teams, leadership teams, departments, project teams

  • A closer look at your organizational environment
  • As-Is Assessment on “high-performance organizational culture”
  • Presentation of the New Work Mindest and New Work Box
  • Identifying areas for development and action
  • Defining first concrete development steps

Are you wondering whether you are fit for the future in your area of responsibility? Do you have the impression that the established instruments for structuring leadership and collaboration are becoming less and less effective and, in the meantime, have even become counterproductive? This could be because your organizational environment is becoming increasingly more complex.

The concept

Complex environments are expressed in a number of ways: The requirements placed on services or products are changing with greater frequency, even within the development process, decisions must be made more quickly and more frequently while uncertainty grows, tried-and-trusted approaches to leadership and collaboration are losing effectiveness. VUCA – volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity – seems to be everywhere. It’s time to find to assess where you stand!

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You know that collaboration and leadership has to change in some way – you just don’t know what.

Where and how to start? The compact workshop offers you and your leader colleagues a way of fighting through the jungle of possibilities. The characteristics of transformative and high-performance organizations gives you an insight into the culture of successful organizations. The As-Is Assessment creates clarity and opens your eyes to opportunities for action.

Information on organization and program:

After the compact workshop you will have a precise picture of where you stand, what you should develop in terms of culture, which behavioral patterns and tools will support or hinder the development process and what the next development steps can be.
The desired side effect: We demystify terms like agility, VUCA, New Work and digital leadership and show that there is a lot of pragmatism and usefulness behind the jargon if you are willing to embrace them.
You want more? Then let’s head to our “Expedition Next Organization,” the journey to your Next Organization.


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