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Stefanie Schweitzer

Tames finances & accounts

The question I regularly ask myself: what’s on the agenda today?
As the Chief Officer of my life, I decide what tasks I will tackle. Often, minor decisions have brought about major changes in my life, such as moving home or switching jobs. What is at the top? My happiness index. It rises when the way my life changes matches my values. This is sometimes nerve-wracking, sometimes creates a sense of longing, is always exciting and results in positive energy and gratitude.

Three questions for Stefanie Schweitzer

What drives you?
Joie de vivre

Do we need that?
No, minimalism trumps all!

What gives you hope?
My spiritual life as a Christian

What others say about Stefanie Schweitzer

“Steffi is the perfect mix of highly ambitious and pleasantly relaxed. This makes working with her simplicity itself.” – Natalie Seibert

“The first thing I learned: if you want her attention, never say Stefanie, say Steffi. And then there’s her remarkable ability to manage a huge backlog. I still haven’t worked out the secret of how she manages to do it.” – Sven Fissenewert