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Petra Opitz

Tends the client and consultant garden

When I go into my garden, all I do there is take care of its needs. Hoeing, sowing, watering, weeding – working with nature is a lot of fun and my garden rewards my efforts with a plentiful harvest and a sea of flowers. And what does the gardener do in the background? Actually, exactly the same thing: give clients and colleagues just what they need, when they need it, to produce a bountiful harvest and an abundance of flowers.

Three questions for Petra Opitz

First contact with the digital era?
That was a long time ago. Back then, screens were still black with green text.

Oh oh, power cut – what now?
I just do the things that work without electricity

Just woken up – what comes next?
To start with, a pot of tea

What others say about Petra Opitz

“When you have questions, are unsure or can’t get your head around things, Petra holds her magical scepter aloft and makes sure there is light at the end of the tunnel. A good mood, a love of the garden and a recipe book of ideas, she regularly provides a good pinch of inspiration.”
– Stefanie Schweitzer

“Despite tightly organized schedules, nobody wants to miss out on a quick chat with Petra in the morning. A daily balm to the soul.” – Natalie Seibert

“Regular communication and collaboration with our clients is the elixir of life to Petra.” – Peter Rathsmann

“She is often my lifesaver: ‘Petra... I forgot... could you...?’” – Henrik Esper