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Dr. Reinhard Schmitt


When I was young I found people and their behavior to be a fascinating puzzle. That is presumably why I chose to do a technical degree – only to then dedicate myself to the structuring of collaboration and to decrypt the “human factor.” I focused on systemic organization theory and neuroscience and met interesting people at Process One (today P1) who I could work with on new approaches and concepts. “Clarifier” and “enabler” are printed on the business card of my life – this is what results after applying the eponymous self-leadership tool to myself. Sounds about right.

Three questions for Dr. Reinhard Schmitt

The page is empty – what now?
Great! Space for new thoughts. Just grab a coffee and get cracking.

What drives you?
The desire for effectiveness.

How does change succeed?
Through good leadership (wherever it comes from).

What others say about Dr. Reinhard Schmitt

“Just when you thought you’d hit a brick wall, up pops Reinhard out of the blue! And When you really need to get things structured and moving, nobody fits the bill more than him.” Sven Fissenewert

“When others are still pondering, Reinhard acts. ” – Paolina Virga

“Just the kind of sparring partner anyone would wish for: someone with clarity, insight, the right questions, mutual reflection and suggestions for solutions. And what is always there as his MS Teams background picture: his new passion, the golf course ;o)” – Stefanie Schweitzer


More about Dr. Reinhard Schmitt

German, English, Spanish

Consultant, Trainer, Coach and Speaker for Leadership Development, Organizational Development, Project Management (Classic/Agile), Change Management, Agile Leadership, New Work

  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering at TU Clausthal and Cardiff University
  • Doctoral thesis at TU Clausthal focusing on “Design of Collaboration in Product Engineering Networks”
Professional Career
  • Since 2012 Consultant, Trainer, Coach and Speaker at P1
  • From 1998 to 2002 Co-founder and Managing Partner of a consulting and IT company with Spanish, German and Irish employees
  • Since 1998 Freelance Consultant, since 2003 Freelance Trainer
  • Since 1993 management and support of organizational development and change projects
Further Education
  • Group Facilitation, Conflict Management and Basics of Coaching at Neuland & Partner, Fulda
  • Systemic Organizational Consulting in Change Management with Prof. Dr. Johanna Forster, Erlangen/Munich
  • Professional Scrum Master and Professional Product Owner at andrena objects, Karlsruhe