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Become part of the team.

Here is room for you.

  • We are freelance, full-time consultants with inspirational careers
  • We got rid of our management a few years ago and collaborate with each other in a self-organized peer-based role concept
  • We enjoy working on international projects with a client base that we have built up over many years
  • We cultivate a dynamic, collaborative, personal working environment in which everyone can be themselves and sometimes laugh at themselves, and where you can contribute and develop yourself.
  • Our values are valuable to us
  • We live our purpose
  • You are interested in consulting, training, facilitation, coaching
  • You have a colorful background
  • You can contribute experience or joy to agile mindsets and methods
  • You are inspired by the systemic consulting approach, among others
  • You can work in German and (optimally) in English


Together we will create new things!